Do you need a healthy & stress-free home?

Do you know buildings can make us sick?

We create allergy-Free home & buildings

You can reduce Radiations EMF stress by 80%

Radiation & Geopathic Stress – Geo 1 Space Wellness “SUSTAINABLE RADIATION ENERGY SOLUTIONS”

We create synchronicity between mind, body, soul, and spaces.

Balance 1 Studio

Our Radiation & Geopathic Stress Solution

Who needs to opt for this– Clients looking for enhancing the energies of the residential or commercial spaces. Planning or designing the spaces alone is not enough as the energies have to be in sync with the energies of the dwellers.

  • Health – Allergies, Moulds
  • Fertility – Chronic concerns
  • Energy Balancing

All can be well achieved by appropriately following the energy principles of nature.

Exactly what we do – We can fix dirty radiations & dirty electricity through- Electromagnetic radiation comes from all the electrical and electronic appliances, FM and TV towers, mobile phones & mobile phones towers, Wi-Fi routers Solar Panel or Hydro Electricity by Shielding Solutions this all can be well achieved by appropriately following the energy principles of nature.

  • New and Existing Building Geopathic and EMF – Inspection and Rectification
  • Selection of New Premises based on Energy Quantify
  • Shielding Paints
  • Shielding window Glass Covers
  • Shielding Fabrics
  • Energy Rods
  • IR oils

We do visit the client Premises and do valuations or outstation client can send us their Home /Office layout and GPS coordinate with our Thermo scanner we can find the concerns & Solutions. The pre-and post-scan report will be shared with clients and we will Highlight pointers and ensure to balance the synchronicity and alignment of the frequencies in our Home /Office

“Healthy living and Healthy Spaces”

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Sick Building Syndrome

Balance 1 Studio

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Balance 1 Studio™ is an ISO-certified company. The company over the decade has footprints in many countries. It is managed by a passionate team ready to take on the world of healing through combining the best approaches of the east and the west.

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