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Balance 1 Studio Academy offers prestigious courses in healing. We have developed a unique concept-based bio frequency healing program that helps in healing one and all. We offer 2 major courses and four modules under each course which enables the healer eligible of becoming an affiliate member of the institute. As an affiliate member, you are entitled to become the go-to therapist for bio frequency healing, one of our first propertied techniques using the essential oil frequencies to heal various problems in health. You shall also be entitled to get a preferential discounted rate for our products which you can further use for your clients and this can help you earn your dues. If you are an owner of a wellness center or a spa, we have special plug-and-play concept courses for you so that you can immediately start additional healing and therapy menus in your existing practice.

Our courses are also suitable for healers, yoga instructors, yoga schools, alternative medicines practitioners Interior Designers, Architects, Real Estate Developers, Businessmen, Vaastu Consultants, Astrologers, IT and Finance Professionals, and Homemakers. We are extending an invitation to special souls from various regions of the world to get certified in our center and become our affiliate members.

Join the affiliate programs offered by Balance 1 Studio today and enter the world of healing with the perfect amalgamation of the best from the east and the west.

A basic healing experience is ideal but not essential to learning our courses. Hand holding sessions, case discussions, practical and live demonstrations are all extensions that are available on requests for a tailored time depending on the availability of the trainers.

Affiliates of both Balance 1 Wellness and Geo 1 Spaces are entitled to a huge discount against a set of products as mentioned in the catalogs. The final certification entails a minimum stock inventory suitable for 5 clients to enroll in the affiliate membership program. Kindly see the list of products offered by Balance 1 Studio Academy. We are constantly adding to our catalogs and hence stay tuned to this page for more updates.

Apply for Franchise or Affiliate Programs

Balance 1 Wellness Basic
Body and mind healing through dowsing SRT , koshas , elements ,senses , vedic chakra petals vaat ,pita, kapha through essential oil aromatherapy basic course without instruments
Balance 1 Wellness Advance
Body and mind healing through advance vedic chakras petals, koshas , elements ,senses , vedic chakra petal , decoding birth numbers Planets, elements, body marma points essential oil aromatherapy advanced course with scientific instruments
Geo 1 Spaces Methods Basic
we diving deep on sacred geometry shapes ,chakras petals on our living spaces,Elements of the spaces ,Land selections ,ancient techniques to balance the flow of energies Matching with clients frequencies which can be measured and evaluated.
Geo 1 Spaces Methods Advance with Aromatherapy for Spaces
We diving deep on sacred geometry shapes ,chakras petals on our living spaces,elements of the spaces ,ancient & Modern techniques to balance the flow of energiesFrequencies of space , ayadi calculations marma points of spaces,Matching with clients frequencies which can be measured and evaluated with bio frequency blends for spaces ,Aromatherapy for Spaces decoding ancient wisdom.
Geo 1 Space EMF Geopathic
Healing methodology is a technique which is scientifically driven by measurement of geopathic stresses and EMF.It integrates the ancient veda’s techniques of appropriate space energy alignment.
Special requisites: If you have learnt the advanced courses in Bio 7 and Geo 7 and practiced for 2 years, you are entitled to be a Master trainer. The master trainers are able to further make others learn the basics and advanced courses of Bio and Geo 7
Affiliate: You can get our products for discounts which you can further offer to your clients and earn your compensations beyond the services you offer. Kindly note the MRP would be the final price as labeled on the website.
Referral Partner: I am interested in sending a few clients and being compensated with cash or kind (products)
Advisor: Working remotely, offer our services to our massive client list. Promote our courses, our value proposals for spas and healing centers and earn a healthy commission for your efforts.
Crew: Work at our events and connect with like-minded individuals.

Balance 1 Studio™ is an ISO-certified company. The company over the decade has footprints in many countries. It is managed by a passionate team ready to take on the world of healing through combining the best approaches of the east and the west. 


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