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If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.
~Nikola Tesla~

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Frequency Bio 7 Wellness & Geo 7 Spaces​


Positive Energy By ShreemOHM™ is an ISO-certified global wellness company founded by Dr. Pujah Subhash Srivastav who is the UAE’s first certified Building Biologist. The company over the 15 years has scientifically developed methods to decode the old traditions of Vedas and Ayurveda to heal the human suffering both at the physical and emotional level. We have designed the concept to heal both your inner self and the space where you dwell. The techniques of Bio 7 wellness & Geo 7 space methodology are not just helping boost health, but also invite wealth, prosperity, and overall well-being. 

“We have created an Energy method that can heal your life ”

Bio 7 Wellness & Geo 7 Spaces by Positive Energy

How did we start?

 The bio frequency-based methodology was invented by the team of Positive Energy under the guidance of exceptional healer cum scientist Dr. Pujah Subhash Srivastav. She has learned the firm integrities of the science and has been certified as a Consultant for Geopathic Rectification and Electromagnetic Mitigation from institutions in Germany and Australia, Austria.

With sheer perseverance, today we have a presence in over multiple locations and a client base that completely trusts our products and services. We have treated thousands of clients and we have done space lift programs for hundreds. 

Everything is energy and that is all there is match the frequency of the reality you want and you can not help but get that reality it can be no other way this is not philosophy this is physics

Why Choose Us

What makes us different?

We create synchronicity between mind, body, soul, and spaces.

“EVERYTHING AROUND US IS ENERGY ” and we are experts in measuring and managing your body energy. In the Bio 7 wellness method, we utilize the thermo scans with aura measurement readers to help identify the energies which are out of sync. We have developed unique essential oil blends customized to the frequencies of the clients which help in the process of healing.  

The Universal Law of Attraction states that ‘like attracts like.’ In the GEO 7 SPACE, you work with this law to create an environment that represents your goals and passions towards inculcating Healthy Energies. We measure the energies of the space and create coherent solutions for sustainability. 

Bio 7 Wellness

Our Philosophy

Our treatment principle relies on the common understanding– What can be measured, can be managed.

Essentially everything is energy and we utilize the energy measurement through the proprietary and engineered concept healing method, which integrates the measurement of the frequencies of the body and the mind and further alignment and correction of those frequencies by use of essential oils and sacred geometry.

A healthy body has a frequency between 62-72MHz. Diseases start if the frequency drops to 58 MHz. Aligning and making the right shift in energies using the essential oil blends and salts is the art and science of what we do.


Our Story​

It is easier to outperform your job when you believe in what you do, and that’s exactly what drives us towards our commitment to serving more people like you each day. The techniques and products are the sheer efforts of the founder Dr Pujah Subhash Srivastav who is spirited, driven, and passionate. Healing her own ailing sister from an untreatable disease and making the switch from a high paying corporate job to being a healer is the testimony of the miracles of the healing techniques. She has build the right team to take the techniques to the global level so that many lives can be healed.

Our Team

We’re a family of like-minded people, using our passion and skills to make a difference. We are driven by the body’s own willingness to heal through the ancient Vedic powers, Indian wisdom of five elements, and sacred Geometry . We are also experts in geopathic stress, EMG, and bio frequency sciences. Our methods are well accepted in western countries. We strive towards the health of all beings and spaces.

Our Products

Our Therapeutic blends of essential oils and salts are certified for their best quality. They are made from organic ingredients sourced from across the world. We have taken care to see that we don't use any ingredients which can harm. Premium non nocere is our motto.


Our Offerings for healthy living and healthy spaces

We believe in what we do and we are only outcome focussed. Our techniques are well-validated and we ensure that you get the most benefit in the least possible times.

Our Signature Wellness Scans

Physical and Mental Health Balance Evaluations

Our Unique Healing for Life Packages

Signature Healing for Men , Women & Children

Our Concepts

Our Properietory Wellness Plug & Play concepts

Inviting Bio 7 Wellness Center

We invite wellness centers and retreat to integrate our ready to use (plug and play) Bio wellness Method and Geo 7 Space methodology to enhance the utilization of their existing healing methods.

Bio 7 Wellness Center

We have indeed created a solution to bring healing of the body and space to the next level. We would love to collaborate in your center by training your existing staff in our techniques and also providing our unique bio frequency based blends for your clients. We are eager to explore a win-win solution. We are passionate healers and healing the world with the most scientific techniques is our mantra. “TO BRING THE RIGHT ENERGY SHIFT IN LIFE IS OUR MOTTO” We create synchronicity between mind, body, soul, and spaces.
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Inviting Existing Spa Owners

We invite existing spas to expand their spa offering to integrate bio frequency wellness into their offerings.
We invite the spas offering Frequency Energy based massages and foot detox to integrate our ready to use(plug and play) biofrequency based methodology to offer and extend the existing spa menu to embrace the various massage techniques using the essential oils and blends. We have more than 52 unique essential oil blends and charged bath salts that can be offered to the clients to optimize their massage not just for relaxation but also utilize the same for healing. Making an unforgettable spa experience helping them heal , rejuvenate, develop immunity, provide grounding and boosting their overall health is our motto. Our care menu not just for the spa but also aroma healing can be found in the link below.
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Inviting Affiliate

We invite healers across the globe to train with our Bio 7 and Geo 7 techniques and practice this unique offering of healing.
Positive Energy institute offers courses in Body Frequencies and Space Healing Methods . Decoding Ancient wisdom with a essence of modern world . We have developed a unique concept-based bio frequency healing program that helps in healing one and all. We are offering 2 major courses and four modules under each which makes the healer eligible to become the affiliate member of the institute. You will be listed on our go to therapists for bio frequency healing, one of our first propertied techniques using the essential oil frequencies to heal various health issues. . You shall be entitled to get a preferential discounted rate for our products which you can further use for your clients and this can help you further earn your dues.
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Positive Energy Franchise Offering

We invite like minded people

Healing mankind is our “passion”. If healing is your passion, we are ready to extend our services to your centers or help you build from scratch a similar center offering bio wellness to your clients.  Our techniques have been validated and used globally. We are eager to hear from you.   Let us aim profits with purpose. All you need is the will to heal and leave the rest to our team.


What They Say

Bio 7 Wellness by Positive Energy


We offer our services at multiple locations. We are eager to serve you. If you have any  query related to healing, particularly for you or expanding your business, we are just one click away.

Chakra Oils Chakra & Aura Salts

Wellness Blends

Bio 7 Wellness by Positive Energy


We have a bouquet of healing products . We have designed and patented over 52 products helping to heal various problems. We are constantly innovating and doing our best to make sure you are healthy. We are also seeking for distributors and resellers. 

Make an Appointment

We are eager to serve you. Dr. Pujah Subhash Srivastav is the founder and visionary of the company. You can directly meet her by making an appointment here. 

Questions answered with love & care

No query is ever stupid and we are more than thrilled to address your queries related to our techniques in wellness and health. Our passionate team is ever ready to help and heal.

BIO 7 WELLNESS is a scientific and research-based approach towards human wellbeing and is put into practice by our team of scientists and healers. It is a method in which we measure energy pointers on 3 levels- physical, mental and emotional. Based on the bio frequencies scans, we drive solutions to fix the out of sync frequencies. This technique is uniquely crafted and developed, validated by years of experience. The essential oil blends, frequency based diets, mental intents and the aromatherapy are some of the techniques blended in healing the out of sync frequencies. 



GEO 7 Space Holistic Method 
We create synchronicity between mind, body, soul and spaces

Geo 7 Is Healing methodology for spaces to create a coherent energies by decoding ancient wisdom, scriptures. We utilize multiple concepts in an integrated fashion to bring synchronicity of the spaces. We use the following fundamentals :

  • sacred geometry shapes
  • chakras petals on our living spaces
  • Elements of the spaces
  • Frequencies of space
  • marma points of spaces

With GEO 7 SPACE create an environment that represents your goals and passions towards inculcating energies that work for you .

We also evaluate the  geopathic stress and EMF. We take care of sick building syndromes We have the best and the latest gadgets supporting our work which is used by CIA/other agencies globally. See our work here-

Based on your initial assessment or scan of your body or spaces with our specialist you can select the services which suits best for you.

Bio 7 Wellness online scheduling allows you to easily request appointments with us. An appointment can be scheduled by using a form for a specific day and also for a week or month. For detailed instructions on how to request an Online Booking Page, please visit our website

Yes, you can choose the times for wellness treatments. For detailed instructions on how to request an Online Booking Page, please visit our website

Frequency is nothing but the measurable rate of electrical current going from point A to point B. Frequencies impact our state of well-being. A healthy body has a frequency between 62-72MHz. Diseases start if the frequency drops to 58 MHz.

Nature can heal us. Essential oils  are concentrated extractions from plants. Essential oils have a variety of health benefits, from skin care to stress relief. The most common way to use essential oils is to inhale them, either directly out of the bottle or by using a diffuser or humidifier.Essential oil frequencies have a wide range from 46 MHz up to 580 MHz. Essential oils have frequencies going higher than the food we eat. Aligning and making the right shift in energies using the essential oil blends and salts is the art and science of what we do.

An electromagnetic field (also EMF or EM field) is a physical field produced by electrically charged objects. It affects the behavior of charged objects in the vicinity of the field.

The word ‘Geopathic’ is derived from two Greek words: ‘Geo’ means ‘Earth’ and ‘Pathos’ means ‘Suffering’ or ‘Disease’. Geopathic Stress is the general term used for natural radiation emanating from the earth, which may cause health problems in human beings.. It is an umbrella word that covers all forms of earth induced stress like Hartmann grids, Ley lines, Black Streams & Curry lines, etc. It is also known to cause higher breakdowns.Geopathic stress doesn’t just affect homes. At the workplace, it can lead to employees feeling dissatisfied, tired and disgruntled leading to higher absenteeism and even attrition.


Balance 1 Studio™ is an ISO-certified company. The company over the decade has footprints in many countries. It is managed by a passionate team ready to take on the world of healing through combining the best approaches of the east and the west. 


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