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“Creating consecrated Spaces”

We create synchronicity between mind, body, soul, and spaces

Who Needs it

Vastu is a system of enhancing the energy of our environment by encouraging healthy energies and eliminating the unhealthy energies from the surrounding by balancing the 5 elements as mentioned in the Indian ancient Vedic scriptures? We also help in aligning the chakras petals of the home and marma meridians of the space and bring balance by applying sacred geometry.

  • Planning to buy /lease new Home
  • Planning to buy/lease new office
  • Existing Home/Office /commercial spaces
  • Selection of New Premises based on Energy Quantify
  • New and Existing Building – Inspection and Rectification
  • Managing wellness of Residents by spaces
  • Aligning Chakras of spaces- Sacred Geometry

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Exactly what we do

Energy Vastu Solutions Complete Solutions on 3 Levels

Body Vastu

Planets, Hormones, Gemstones, Astrology

Body scanning energy


Oils to remove any kind of negative effect

Oils for health

Oils for business

Salts for cleansing

Astro chart


Gemstone suggestion

Traditional Vastu

Then Vaastu remedies with colour or direction rods
Brahma sutra
45 devtas scanning in home
Braham than activating any gemstone to put on floor given by client
All Entrance doors
Existing built up property without destruction and virtually cutting for each toilets or problem area without affecting the whole site

Earth Vaastu

Geopathic Stress

5 Elements balancing on Ground
Energy Rods for deep negative pool of energies
Energy rods are scientifically proven to reduce the negative effects from ground made of minerals and gemstone powders and make the negative energy neutralize. In Vaastu practice ..when in old times we buy the new plots they used to put cows in plot – they don’t sit on negative points and make a group in corner of plot they pass the urine and neutralize the land first then the owner starts building that ..Earth is made of 5 elements – Panchmahaboot – we have made frequency oils of each elements which we put in earth or home premises .4 to5 rods each floor to protect for long term 15-18 yrs

“Healthy living and Healthy Spaces”

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